JIM RICKER, Company Founder 888.550.9233

Company Founder with over 30+ years in equipment industry. Jim is credited with founding the company and developing Rental Equipment Protection after recognizing a need for better coverage at competitive rates. Jim previously worked with John Deere, now known as Sentry, for almost 20 years before moving on to a career in insurance consulting. He now consults as a Program Development and Procurement Specialist for national accounts.

JAYME BATES, Chief Executive Officer 614.284.3810

Chief Executive Officer with over eight years of experience as an insurance producer. Jayme holds an accounting and contracts background, and is now honored to be a part of the family legacy. What sets Jayme apart from other entrepreneurs is her dedication to the dealers she works with.


National Sales Manager with ten years of successful sales experience, specifically in training business partners how to sell services and grow their business. Kim is licensed in property and casualty insurance and manages accounts nationally. Kim is passionate about helping grow rental businesses with successful sales programs.


Operations Manager, Miriah oversees Certificate Tracking for our Straight|Docs clients. With Certificate Tracking powered by Straight|Docs, certificates of insurance are tracked accurately in a timely turnkey process.