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Caterpillar Equipment, Services, and Company: [5 Things You Might not Know About Caterpillar]

By Seth Hird | Posted on October 7, 2019

Equipment Industry

Caterpillar Equipment, Services, and Company: [5 Things You Might not Know About Caterpillar]

It seems nearly impossible to drive past a construction site without seeing Caterpillar equipment. As common as the company and products seem, there may be several things you don’t know about them. Here are 5 surprising and helpful things to know about Caterpillar.

Caterpillar Uses Remote Operation to Help Veterans

Remote operation is becoming popular in the construction industry. However, Caterpillar is using their CAT Command remote operation in a new way.

Fabick CAT and Segs4Vets are teaming up to help wounded veterans find work in the construction industry. The CAT Command for Dozing technology allows individuals to operate machines remotely in a safe, comfortable environment. This technology provides disabled workers opportunities for jobs that would otherwise be out of reach while also providing the industry with qualified and dedicated workers.

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Caterpillar Collects Operator Feedback Leading to Equipment Advancement

Caterpillar construction equipment is an industry staple. Not only is the brand known for manufacturing quality construction equipment, the Caterpillar research process before manufacturing is also the highest quality because they solicit operator feedback.

Caterpillar creates focus groups to gather operator feedback and to test products before manufacturing. The focus groups are comprised of people with a wide range of construction industry experience. Caterpillar wants veteran operators in the industry as well as new operators to test their products, to make sure the products are user-friendly.

USB locations, bluetooth capability, heated/cooled seats, and ignition location are just a few features Caterpillar factors into the design process. These modifications are designed to improve the experience of the operator, however, the benefits are ultimately reaped by the customer. Better equipment leads to happier and more productive workers. Happier and more productive workers leads to higher quality products for the consumer.

Caterpillar Provides Top-Notch Operator Training and Simulators

A huge challenge facing the construction industry is the lack of qualified workers. Many construction companies are struggling to find workers with the training and knowledge to operate equipment. Caterpillar is changing this by providing training services through simulators.

Virtual technology is proving to be a very useful training tool for operators, and CAT now offers 15 different equipment simulators for operator training. Of course, this helps new operators in the industry, but it also aids in training experienced operators in learning new equipment.

View all CAT simulators here.

Caterpillar is a US-Based Company with Multinational Footprint

Caterpillar has over 60 primary locations in 25 different states, all across the United States. Wagner Equipment Company is one of Caterpillar’s most successful dealers. Founded in 1976, Wagner Equipment Company has thousands of employees and multiple locations in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

While its domestic presence is impressive, Caterpillar still maintains a huge global presence. Caterpillar has dealers in 25 countries outside the United States. Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East all are home to Caterpillar dealers and manufacturers.

View all CAT international locations here.

Caterpillar Boasts a Diversified Portfolio

While the name Caterpillar may seem synonymous with equipment, the Caterpillar company is extremely diversified. Their portfolio includes 20 different brands that encompass machines, engines, components, services and solutions for the industry.

Among these brands is Perkins Engines Company Limited. Perkins, a subsidiary of Caterpillar, has over 85 years’ experience in the construction industry. Perkins manufactures a wide range of engines, from large industrial engines, to small engines for marine vessels. With locations in Europe, Asia, South America and the North America, Perkins is just another example of Caterpillar success.

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