Five Reasons to Outsource Certificate Management With StraightDocs

By Amanda Murphy | Posted on April 10, 2018


Managing certificates of insurance can be time consuming for equipment dealers and rental houses, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are five reasons to outsource certificate management with StraightDocs Compliance Services available only from JT Bates Insurance Group.

1 – Verification

Many rental dealers collect certificates at time of rental but may not verify proper proof of coverage. StraightDocs Compliance Services team members personally verify the certificate of insurance is both current and valid, and contact the insurance company on our client’s behalf. Direct contact with the insurance company ensures faster turn-around times with no time spent waiting on form letters arriving through the mail.

2 – Prevention

Prevention is less costly and less risky than finding a solution after a problem with a certificate of insurance arises. StraightDocs Compliance Services is a proactive solution to certificate management that limits exposure to risk.

3 – Protection

StraightDocs Compliance Services helps you protect your assets and is fully developed and endorsed by JT Bates Insurance Group, a consulting firm with over 30 years of experience in the equipment industry. With StraightDocs Compliance Services, our clients can focus on growing equipment rental sales instead of tracking certificates of insurance.

4 – Archiving & Organization

StraightDocs Compliance Services stores forms with a paperless archiving system in a secure database, so there is no concern about losing business-critical information. Since our certificate management software is web-based, it is perfect for organizing certificates for a multi-location dealership and can even help organize and track sales tax exemption forms.

5 – Flat Rate

No more surprise invoices for certificate or forms tracking services. With StraightDocs Compliance Services low, flat rate pricing, the fee is calculated on an average per-document basis to simplify rental operations and add value for our clients.

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