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Top 10 (Okay, 11) reasons you need Rental Equipment Protection Part 2

By Amanda Murphy | Posted on March 19, 2018

REP™ (Rental Equipment Protection)| JT Bates Group Products

In our last post, we covered the first five reasons you need Rental Equipment Protection (REP™). Read part one of our two-part series here.

In this post, we will continue to explore the ways that REP™ is the best risk management solution for rental equipment.

6 – Competitive Rates.

In number five of our 2-part blog post about REP, we explained the difference between all risk coverage and named perils coverage.

Client satisfaction is at the center of everything we do. Because of our extreme focus on serving our clients, we offer very competitive rates for all risk coverage through REP. In fact, we challenge you to find better rates for all risk coverage.

7 – Low deductibles.

We also keep our deductibles low. Our program is simply the best value in physical damage coverage while equipment is out on rent. Keeping our deductibles low helps equipment dealers clearly communicate the value of the program to their rental customers, but not so low that rental customers have no incentive to take care of the equipment while in their custody.

8 – Low deposits.

Our deposits are also kept very low and always count toward the coverage. We believe that one of the best ways to help our clients grow their rental businesses is by keeping their costs low. We pride ourselves on being a great partner.

9 – Waiver of subrogation.

We include a waiver of subrogation in our REP program. This means that after paying our clients for a loss, we will not try to recoup those funds from the insurance company of the rental customer. The benefit of a waiver of subrogation is that there is no risk to damaging rental customer relationships and insurance premiums will not increase as a result of a loss.

10 – Limited exclusions.

Our list of exclusions is short – criminal activity committed by the dealer, loss of use, mechanical breakdown, missing property (unexplained or mysterious disappearance), and normal wear and tear. That’s it. Damage due to weight of load? Covered. Damage due to flooding? We’ll pay for that, too.

11 – Last and most importantly…

REP™ from JT Bates Group was created with equipment dealers and rental houses in mind. It’s specifically tailored to be the very best physical damage coverage while equipment is out on rent, and it’s backed by A+-rated insurance carriers.

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