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5 Reasons To Outsource Certificate Tracking With StraightDocs: [Part 1]

By Seth Hird | Posted on April 29, 2020

JT Bates Group Products| StraightDocs Compliance Services

Outsourcing certificate of insurance tracking can yield incredible benefits for your company. Paperwork is a hassle; insurance can be confusing. So, we created a document tracking solution. StraightDocs is designed by insurance experts and leading equipment dealerships to deliver the best document tracking solution within the equipment industry. However, before you believe our blanket claim, here are some tangible reasons why we think StraightDocs is the best solution for you.

Insurance Expertise and Innovation

10th Anniversary

We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year and, during the past ten years, we have seen incredible growth! The President, James Ricker, and the CEO, Jayme Bates, have over 35 years of experience within the construction equipment insurance industry. Many years of partnering with equipment dealers have allowed us to pinpoint some pivotal roadblocks that continually plague dealerships. We developed StraightDocs to be the solution to some of the frustrating barriers.

We discovered that dealers spend too much valuable time learning insurance instead of applying sales-driving initiatives. In light of this, StraightDocs is continually evolving to relieve dealerships from the stress of having to gain knowledge of insurance. StraightDocs makes certificate tracking simple, effective, and accurate. Having a certificate tracking partner will ensure that dealers spend less time worrying about insurance and more time focused on selling and renting equipment.

Administration Team

Dedication to serving customers well is a key part of JT Bates Group culture. We offer quality, problem-solving products to our customers. However, if we don’t commit to continually educating and assisting our customers with their needs, great products will not matter. To that end, we have designed our administration team to be an integral part of our customer relationship. Here are three reasons that our administration team is a cut above the rest.

Certificate of Insurance Compliance

Verifying the compliance of certificates of insurance is one of the main tasks of our administration team. They make sure that your certificate of insurance contains all the vital information needed so that your company is not subject to financial loss. But what happens when information is missing from the certificate? We will either reach out to you or your customer to obtain the necessary information. We streamline the communication process, which reduces hassle for you, and also reduces downtime. In addition to our dedicated professional administrators, our team leads are all licensed insurance agents.

Monitoring Expiring or Invalid Certificates

Being surprised by uninsured equipment is never a good thing. Therefore, in addition to the certificate of insurance compliance, our administrators monitor your current certificates. If left unchecked, unrenewed or invalid certificates could result in a loss for your dealership. So, before the expiration date, our team will reach out to you and confirm that you want that customer’s insurance certificate renewed. If you wish to have the certificate renewed, we will renew the certificate. However, if you do not want it renewed, we will keep the certificate of insurance within our system at no charge, in case you would like to renew it at a later date.

Assisting the Claims Department

Unfortunately, construction is one of the most hazardous industries in the United States. Heavy machinery is at high risk of getting damaged, and you are at high risk to suffer loss. When your equipment inevitably gets damaged, our administration team will help your claims department in the documentation process for equipment that is covered by Rental Equipment Protection (REP). The administrator team will assist you through uploading documents to StraightDocs, and thus your dealership will have continuity in the claims process.

Above all, our administration team is here to help you. If there are insurance or certificate tracking roadblocks in your way, reach out to us so that we can remove them. Contact us with any questions, and we will help you; however, we can.

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