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Giving Back: Construction and Equipment Rental Companies with Positive Impact

By Seth Hird | Posted on January 27, 2020

Equipment Industry

As 2020 is in full swing, most companies are executing their annual and Q1 plans. Some organizations within the construction industry are improving their communities through programs designed to give back. Since giving back is a value we share, we want to celebrate companies that are doing more for the people surrounding them. This blog post highlights a few companies we admire.

Hoffman Construction Company Giving Back

Hoffman Construction Company has woven giving back into their DNA. According to the company website, “Giving back is an integral part of Hoffman’s culture.” Consequently, Hoffman has completed projects for the Boy Scouts of America, the Jack, Will and Rob Foundation, churches, educational organizations, and much more!

As a result of their dedication to this effort, the AFP recognized them by giving them the Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation Award.

McCarthy Building Companies

Community Projects by McCarthy

McCarthy Building Companies is so passionate about community outreach that they have spent over $20 million dollars and thousands of hours helping their community.

In 2005, they began McCarthy Hard Hats, their national community outreach program. The company is supporting over 200 organizations and causes per year, but credits McCarthy employees for individual effort. The company solicits input from employees who are passionate about making a positive impact in their communities. After this, they are able to work together as a team to help meet the needs of the community.

Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC

In 2015, Sunstate Equipment Company established its own foundation, The Sunstate Equipment Foundation, so that employees could get involved in their community, regardless of where that community might be. Through employee giving and company matching programs, Sunstate is able to provide grants to non-profit organizations that are chosen by their employees.

Disadvantaged children and adults, medical aid and research, and housing assistance are a few focal points of this foundation. They also are influential supporters of domestic violence victims, our military, and veterans. This foundation is growing and it continues to serve the communities of Sunstate employees well.

Sunbelt Rentals

5 People of all different ages, holding shovels of dirt at a groundbreaking ceremony.
Groundbreaking Ceremony with Sunbelt Rentals

As we have seen, many companies have very positive impacts on their community. Giving back is a priority for the construction industry. However, Sunbelt Rentals has a unique way of helping those who have just experienced life-changing events.

The Sunbelt Rentals Employee Relief Fund was created to support employees who are facing financial hardships after a natural disaster or other life-changing event. This fund is so important because it shows that Sunbelt Rentals truly cares about their employees. To date, they have helped over 550 employees and their families!

Sunbelt also supports the American Red Cross and organizations like the Gary Sinise Foundation by offering financial assistance, equipment, and time. They are integral to a program of the Gary Sinise Foundation called R.I.S.E. The R.I.S.E. program builds specially adapted smart homes for our severely wounded heroes who have given so much to the nation they love, and Sunbelt is happy to give back to them!

United Rentals

United Rentals has 1,186 locations across the United States and Canada and 11 locations in Europe. They are one of the biggest names in the rental equipment business. With such a large company, it could be easy to be consumed with daily operations and nothing else. However, United Rentals take pride in supporting local communities.

Regarding culture at United Rentals, “We are proud to help build stronger communities.” Two ways they leverage their give-back efforts is through natural disaster recovery and support of our troops. In total, they support 7 different organizations that lend a hand to our United States military. For a full listing of these organizations, visit their website here.

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