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Introducing StraightDocs: [The Certificate Management Tool That Dealers Need]

By Brad | Posted on February 2, 2015

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HILLIARD, Ohio-January 26, 2015 – JT Bates Insurance Group today introduced the new StraightDocs Compliance Services, the simplest, most effective solution for managing documents for equipment dealers. StraightDocs replaces JTraxis from JT Bates Insurance Group and ensures a faster turn-around time with less paper shuffling and a more cohesive customer experience with the customer portal.

“StraightDocs is a game-changer in compliance services,” said Jayme Bates, vice president at JT Bates Insurance Group. “It provides a top-of-the-line document management solution with two-way communication that improves turn-around times and creates efficiencies for equipment dealers, for a flat rate of five dollars per certificate. No billing surprises.”

With StraightDocs, JT Bates Insurance Group personally contacts and works with the insurance company listed on the certificate of insurance instead of a form letter sent through the mail, the current industry standard. Personal contact dramatically reduces turn-around time for the equipment dealers. StraightDocs also has added features that allow for sales tax exemption form tracking, which reduces paper shuffling and streamlines workflow. In the event of a loss or claim, a new Notes section in StraightDocs for equipment dealers keeps the certificate of insurance company in lock-step with JT Bates Insurance Group to ensure timely processing of claims.

“All this for one flat rate of five dollars per certificate is a compelling value for equipment dealers looking to find a more efficient compliance services solution,” said Bates.

StraightDocs joins the growing line of risk management products from JT Bates Insurance Group available to equipment dealers. Rental Equipment Protection (REP) is the all-risk coverage for rental equipment, available at competitive rates. Learn more at Also, click here, to read all blogs about JT Bates Group products and services!


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