Rental Shield™ Short-Term Rental Equipment Insurance

The Coverage You Need When You Really Need It

Building on a foundation of over thirty years of experience in the heavy equipment industry, JT Bates Group is proud to offer a short-term rental insurance solution designed specifically for renters. With Rental Shield™, contractors, construction companies and other renters of heavy equipment can now take advantage of the value and peace of mind that JT Bates Group delivers. Obtaining coverage is easy; no hidden fees or red tape. Premiums are based on the value of equipment and length of the rental period. Rental Shield™ provides coverage for a minimum of one week, even if the rental period is shorter. Finally, heavy equipment renters have an insurance solution that works with you regardless of when, where and how you need it.

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Why Rental Shield?

Filing a Claim Has Never Been Easier

In the event of a loss, JT Bates Group has made the process of filing a claim with Rental Shield™ straightforward and hassle free. You simply inform us and the dealer of damage to equipment and fill out a loss report form provided by JT Bates Group. Then, we take care of contacting the dealer to have them submit an estimate of repairs and labor costs. All you need to do is pay your deductible to JT Bates Group along with any repairs that are not covered under a Rental Shield™ Agreement. Renting heavy equipment doesn’t have to be a complicated matter, and with Rental Shield™, filing a claim doesn’t need to be either. To get started, begin with a quote from JT Bates Group!

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“Rental Shield was created at the request of heavy equipment renters so they can get the coverage they need to rent the equipment that helps them get the job done.”

Jayme Bates, CEO

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