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Staff Highlight: Allison Dorco is The New Claims Manager at JT Bates Group

By Seth Hird | Posted on September 8, 2022

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The Promotion of Allison Dorco

Columbus, OH – September 2, 2022 – Our CEO, Jayme Bates, and Director of Operations, Miriah Smith, proudly announced an employee promotion. Allison Dorco is the new JT Bates Group Claims Manager!

“Allison has always been a valued employee in the many positions that she has held! Additionally, she embodies our core values and always manages our claims with integrity.” – Miriah Smith

Dorco joined the JT Bates Group team in September of 2018. Most recently she served as our Claims Advocate and Risk Analyst. However, her experience and industry knowledge far surpasses issues involving just claims.

Dorco first began working as an administrator on our StraightDocs™ team. Her dedication and skill sets were on full display with the document compliance service team, and she has since been a valuable asset to the company in many facets.

In September 2021, she was promoted to Claims Advocate and Risk Analyst. Subsequently, she diligently served equipment dealers and renters to accurately and easily settle their REP™ claims.

Being licensed in property and casualty insurance, combined with a strong work ethic and years of experience, Dorco is well equipped to lead our Claims Department with excellence!

About JT Bates Group

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