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Women In Construction: [Influential Women Who Are Making a Difference In The Construction Industry]

By Seth Hird | Posted on March 9, 2020

Equipment Industry

Overview: Women In Construction

According to a December 2019 study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, women account for 57.1% of the American workforce. However, women only account for 10% of workers in the construction industry. Nonetheless, several women are considered to be the most influential thought leaders and innovators within the industry. In recognition of this, we want to highlight some of these women, starting with Laura Hutt.

About: Laura Hutt

Women in construction safety equipment
Laura Hutt

Laura Hutt is working toward becoming a site superintendent for PCL Construction. She started working in the construction industry with her uncle who was an electrician. After changing jobs, she was met with some pretty tough opposition. She noticed that some men on the job site either did not know how to interact with her or acted inappropriately toward her. She knew she wanted to help change the culture to help pave the way for other women in the construction industry.

Laura’s Vision and Mission

Laura knew that one of the ways to help promote women in the industry is to talk about it. So, in 2020 she started writing blogs to highlight specific women and topics in the industry. Her Instagram account (womeninsteeltoes), is dedicated to supporting women in the construction industry and inspiring the next generation.

There are only 6 site superintendents in her company and very few women are in positions higher than that. Therefore, finding female mentors is difficult. This need, however, is spurring her on to be a mentor to other women. Helping them hone their skills and thrive within the industry is the mission she wants to fulfill. Younger women are now coming to her and seeking career advice. She loves having the opportunity to support women and introduce them to the industry she loves so much!

When asks about her career she said, “My career is very young but I think that’s a huge part of what drives my passion. I’ve experienced so many different situations in such a short time, good and bad, that let me know as an industry we can do better.”

Future Posts: Women in Construction

Throughout the year, we will post more content to celebrate women in the construction industry. If you have someone you want us to highlight, reach out to us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. We cannot wait to hear more exciting and inspiring stories!

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