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Ricker + Associates
Equipment Dealer Consulting

Experienced & Efficient Dealer Protection

35+ Years of Experience = Your Dealer’s Success

Our Plan for Your Success

  1. We review your current insurance policies.
  2. The dealer and our consultants discuss the unique needs of your dealership.
  3. Our policy creators design a new program based on your specific needs.
  4. We present the new program to multiple insurance agents to ensure that you get the broadest coverage possible.
  5. Our team will monitor industry changes and data to ensure your program stays up to date.

“We work for the dealer, not the insurance agency. Protection is the name of the game and we do it very well.” – James Ricker

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Why Ricker + Associates?

We Are Not Insurance Agents

Equipment dealers have certainly experienced the modus operandi of insurance agents; they are obligated to sell you only their product, to never leave money on the table, to never offer any more than the minimum amount of coverage, and to always work in the best interest of their insurance company. Ricker + Associates guarantees that our clients have the best coverage available to protect their assets, regardless of who provides it. We have access to all insurance carriers to find the best solution, ensuring our clients will save thousands of dollars on their asset protection programs.

“With each client we serve, we make it our mission to improve coverage and reduce premiums. We’ve never had a client whose policy we couldn’t improve.”

James G. Ricker, CEC Founder, Insurance Program Manager

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