Ricker + Associates Improves Asset Protection for Dealers

Better Service, Better Value and Better Programs for Dealers

James Ricker founded Ricker + Associates on a foundation of over three decades of experience building insurance programs for the equipment industry. We carefully review the insurance policies of each dealer we work with and design a program for what they need. With the understanding that each dealer has different exposure and requires unique protections, our associates design a custom program and present it to multiple insurance agents to ensure that dealers are getting a full spectrum of available programs with the most competitive quotes and comprehensive products. We collect the data, review proposals and track changes in coverage across the insurance industry so you don’t have to. Because we are not affiliated with any insurance agency, Ricker + Associates only has loyalty to our dealers and their needs, no one else.

Why Ricker + Associates?

We Are Not Insurance Agents

Equipment dealers have certainly experienced the modus operandi of insurance agents; they are obligated to sell you only their product, to never leave money on the table, to never offer any more than the minimum amount of coverage and to always work in the best interest of their insurance company. Ricker + Associates guarantees that our clients have the best coverage available to protect their assets, regardless of who provides it. We have access to all insurance carriers to find the best solution, ensuring our clients will save thousands of dollars on their asset protection programs.

“With each client we serve, we make it our mission to improve coverage and reduce premiums. We’ve never had a client whose policy we couldn’t improve.”

James G. Ricker, CEC Founder, Insurance Program Manager

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