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Excavator Rentals: Models That Are Being Rented Fast!

By Seth Hird | Posted on November 22, 2021

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Excavator Rentals: Where does this information come from?

Let’s talk about excavator rentals! It’s no surprise that excavators are in high demand on construction sites. As a company that provides equipment protection, we’ve protected thousands of excavator rentals, and we’ve compiled some interesting customer rental data from our product Rental Shield. We’ll tell you what excavators have been most commonly rented and where you can find them.

Caterpillar Excavators

Caterpillar excavators have been rented most often by our Rental Shield customers. We’ve seen our Rental Shield customers rent the 307.5, 313, 320 models among others. This selection includes mini, small, and medium-sized excavators. While there’s a myriad of different specifications that renters can consider we’ll include the digging depth below as well as the links to each model. Just click the model number above.

Maximum digging depth.

  • 307.5 – 13′ 7″
  • 313 – 19′ 8″
  • 320 – 22′ 1″

Where to find them:

  • H.O. Penn Machinery Company – Location information: 6 locations within New York and Connecticut.
  • Milton Rents – Location information: 6 locations within New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.
  • Ring Power Coorperation – Location information: 10+ locations within Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas.

Komatsu Excavators

Komatsu excavators are second in terms of frequency of rental with our customers, and are available at more dealerships than other manufacturers. Among the various models are the PC360C11, PC88MR-10, and PC138USLC-11.

Maximum digging depth:

  • PC360C11 – 26′ 10″
  • PC138USLC-11 – 18′
  • PC88MR-10 – 15′

Where to find them:

  • CRC Contractors Rental – Location information: 6 locations in Michigan
  • Roland Machinery – Location information: 10+ locations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin.
  • Herc Rentals – Location information: 275+ locations within the United States

John Deere Excavators

John Deere excavators have been rented third most often by our Rental Shield customers. The 350G, 250G, 180G, and 75G models have all been rented from locations across the country. All of these John Deere models are mid-size excavators. Yanmar manufactures the engine of the 75G model. However, John Deere makes the engines of the other three models.

Maximum digging depth.

  • 350G – 26′ 5″
  • 250G – 24′ 5″
  • 180G – 22′ 6″
  • 75G – 14′ 2″

Where to find them:

Before You Rent

Protect yourself and the equipment you’re renting. Securing short-term insurance or other physical damage coverage is a requirement of equipment rental. Your dealer may provide a damage waiver you can purchase at the rental counter, or you can look into Rental Shield, a short-term insurance solution we provide to equipment renters. Rental Shield covers the most common equipment losses, and in most cases has a lower deductible than other insurance policies.


This is a focused perspective for rentals in the industry. However, these numbers do not provide dealers or renters with a comprehensive view of the industry. For that, you should check out the Wells Fargo report below.

Wells Fargo Construction Industry Forecast 2021

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